Encourage your Child to Embrace Kindness

in 2-6 weeks

Behavior Modification Program 
based on 7Spsy Technology

7Spsy technology will help your child if:

Your son or daughter answers back to parents and/or teachers and behaves in a rude manner.

Your child bullies his/her classmates. Your child can be sarcastic and unkind to other children.

Your child gets angry and offended when he/she is outperformed by another child.

Your endless remarks and explanations about the importance of being kind remain unheeded.

Do you want to change your life for the better?

Our remote behavior modification program based on 7Spsy technology will help you develop healthy habits in your child:


Your child will listen to and respect teachers and other elders.

You will enjoy spending time with your child because you will no longer have to constantly correct and chastise him/her.

Your child will learn how to be happy for others and become friendly and outgoing.