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Our Partners

The Institute is headquartered in Singapore, with an established network of partners all around the world.

Our Mission

Mission of the Institute is to improve the quality of human life through creating new high-performance technologies of online psychological aid and providing high-quality services in this area.
We are helping people get rid of bad habits, solve parenting or relationship issues, become successful and productive, and learn to control the psychological reasons of psychosomatic disorders.

Our Activities

Activities of the Institute are intended for:

  • development and support of research projects in psychology. Development of high-performance technologies of psychological aid aimed at solving various life tasks based on the research;
  • promotion of new behavioral technologies in global Internet;
  • monitoring the latest psychological research and projects in the field of remote psychological services;
  • registration of new technologies in national psychotherapeutic associations;
  • providing online psychological counselling.

Our Background

The idea of foundation of an international Institute of Distance Psychology was originated in Singapore by Tekhnologii Ideala LLC. in 2015. The decision to establish the Institute was made after studying investment projects in the field of social and psychological services.

The Institute has been a branch of Tekhnologii Ideala LLC for three years. For this period, we have carried out a study of psychological services market potential and monitoring of the latest scientific discoveries and inventions in this field.

Based on the research, we have developed a strategy of the Institute, created and patented the 7Spsy Behavior Modification Technology.

The Institute started working as an independent legal entity on October 8, 2018.

7Spsy Behavior Modification Technology

7Spsy Behavior Modification Technology is a proprietary behavioral therapy method developed within the walls of the institute. This method is based on behavioral psychology, namely the way of modifying behavior by the method of classical and operant conditioning. The method is as safe as possible and extremely effective. Totally adapted to telepsychology to provide convenient, comfortable and effective psychological online help.

The 7Spsy technology can solve a large number of psychological problems of adults and children. It allows you to painlessly change the pattern of problematic behavior and improve the quality of life in the shortest possible time.

In 2016-2018, we received 3 patents for inventions, confirming the uniqueness and scientific nature of the method


The Institute is looking for cooperation with:
  • investment companies operating in this market segment;
  • scientific organizations and scientists from different countries working in the field of psychology and related disciplines, provided that their work meets the scientific knowledge criteria;
  • psychologists and healthcare professionals interested in learning a new behavior modification technology;
  • psychologists and specialists in related areas interested in participation in conferences and making scientific publications.
Only verified information from reliable sources is posted on the Institute’s website.


Information from this website cannot be used
for self-therapy and self-diagnostics.
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