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About programs

Training format

distance (on the job, in any city of the Russian Federation

Types of educational programs

* professional retraining
* advanced training


* Higher or secondary vocational training
* Education in educational institutions of higher or secondary vocational education

Professional retraining



Study program volume: 250 academic hours

Duration of training: 6 months (training on an accelerated program is possible)

25 modules. Final certification

Diploma of professional retraining of the established form

* Behavioral psychologist
** Behavioral psychotherapist





Study program volume: 76 academic hours


Duration of training: 2 weeks

8 modules. Final certification

Certificate of advanced training of the established sample

How would you like the courses?

Convenient learning

The course is fully adapted for self-study in an individual mode.
You study at a time convenient for you and in a place convenient for you.

Personal curator

Ask a question about the assignments and get feedback..

Standard document

The student who successfully passed the final certification will receive a diploma of professional retraining or a certificate of advanced training.

Distance learning

The training takes place entirely in a distance format. To study you need a computer and Internet access.

Preparation level

The level of training corresponds to the level of training in the United States.

Knowledge, Abilities, Skills

You will gain a lot of new knowledge, be able to apply many new methods and learn many new practical skills.

Accelerated form of education

Accelerated Individualized Study Program available

Live webinars

During the training period, webinars will be held. Members of the Association for Behavioral Psychology and Therapy will share their knowledge and experience

About educational organization

Basic information

Name: Limited Liability Company Center for Scientific Psychology “Ideal Technologies”

Date of creation: 05/26/2017

Location: 630005, Novosibirsk, st. Frunze, 88; of 1203 There are

no branches

Founder and manager (director): Khoroshutin Pavel Pavlovich

Working hours: from 9.00 to 18.00 (nsk), lunch break from 13.00 to 14.00, days off: Saturday, Sunday.

Contact phone: 8 800 550 99 36 (toll free)

Email address:


Name: Training center for additional professional education Center for Scientific Psychology “Ideal Technologies”

License for educational activities № 11419 dated 03/06/2020

Implemented levels of education: additional professional education.

Form of study: correspondence
In the learning process, e-learning and distance learning technologies are used (interaction between students and the teaching staff is not required).

Language of instruction: Russian.


Regulations on the structural unit
Regulations on the organization of paid educational services
Rules for the admission, transfer, expulsion and restoration of students
Regulations on the use of e-learning, distance learning technologies in the organization of the educational process
Regulations on final certification
Regulations on the provision of benefits for tuition fees
Internal regulations of students at the Training Center
List of additional professional programs being implemented
Price list for paid educational services
Current discounts for paid educational services

How is the training going?


You leave a request for training. We will contact you for confirmation and send you a list of documents for admission.

Consultation can be obtained by calling 8 800 550 99 36


You send us by e-mail scanned copies (or photographs) of all necessary documents. An agreement and an invoice for payment are sent to you. Sign a contract, pay the bill. Send us a scanned copy (or photo) of the agreement by e-mail. Our email address is


After receiving payment, you are given access to an educational platform with a training course.
You study all the materials, take control tests, and do practical work. During the training period, you can ask questions to the curator in your personal account on the training platform.
The training ends with a final certification. If you successfully complete it, you will receive a certificate of education.

Standard document

The educational document is sent to you by Russian Post.


Upon completion of training, you are provided with free access to the course “Employment”.

After completing your studies, you remain a full member of the Association for Behavioral Psychology and Therapy

Course catalog

The main area of ​​study is behavioral psychology and

Choose the course that suits you.

Behavioral psychology

76 hours

RUB 14,000

RUB 19,000

Appreciation of the skill

Behavioral psychotherapy

76 hours

RUB 14,000

RUB 19,000

Appreciation of the skill

Behavioral psychology

250 hours

RUB 14,000/month

RUB 19,000

Professional retraining
(training period 6 months)

Behavioral psychology

250 hours

RUB 14,000

RUB 19,000

Professional retraining
(training period 6 months)

Answers to important questions

Additional vocational education is a type of education in the Russian Federation, vocational education obtained in addition to secondary vocational or higher education.

Professional retraining in a short time allows you to master a new profession on the basis of an existing education. Professional retraining programs take into account the requirements for the profession, the already existing knowledge of the student and are aimed at the formation of specific competencies for practical work. Upon completion of professional retraining programs, you receive a diploma of the established sample.

Further training gives you the opportunity to gain new knowledge, skills and abilities within the framework of your professional activity in a short time. Upon completion of refresher courses, you receive a certificate of the established form.

For admission to the Training Center, citizens of the Russian Federation, together with an application, must provide:

  • Higher education diploma (bachelor’s, specialist’s, master’s) or secondary vocational education diploma.
  • Certificate from the place of study for students studying in institutions of higher and secondary vocational education (if necessary).
  • Identity and citizenship document.
  • Certificates of change of surname, name, patronymic (if necessary).

After completing the additional professional education program from 16 to 249 hours, you will receive a certificate of professional development. After completing a program lasting from 250 hours, you will receive a professional retraining diploma.

If you still have questions, please write to us at or call 8 800 550 99 36

Apply for training

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+7 800 550 99 36

Office address: 630005, Novosibirsk, st. Frunze, 88, of. 1203