Diet is not a cure: How to get rid of Obesity once and for all

June 26, 2019

As it was reported by the Ministry of Health Care for the year 2017 almost 2 million people in our country suffer from obesity. And these are just official statistics based on those people who have visited a doctor. It’s hard to imagine how many more people are trying to deal with this ailment on their own. And in perspective this number is increasing every year. [1]

Obesity: what it is and what to expect

Obesity is the growing of fat tissue in the body which leads to an increase of weight. Evolution has put our body into the way of learning how to accumulate nutrients in order to be able to survive if there is lack of food. In ancient times fat people were considered wealthy and healthy. You can recall the famous “Venus of Willendorf” sculpture, the goddess of fertility. On the other hand in the modern world excessive weight is a serious health threat that can, in the most severe cases, lead to death. Indeed, obesity is the cause of many diseases including diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, joint diseases, infertility – and this is not a full list. [2]

Causes of obesity

The most common cause of obesity is an imbalance in the energy absorbed and energy spent. Simply said, it occurs when we eat too much and move too little. But obesity can also be caused by diseases of the digestive and endocrine systems, genetic disorders or even psychological problems that encompass eating disorders.

The risk factors for obesity according to doctors are:

• sedentary lifestyle;

• chronic stress;

• lack of sleep;

• taking drugs that affect hormonal balance, for example, antidepressants or oral contraceptives;

• some physiological conditions, such as pregnancy and menopause. [3]


In order to treat obesity in the most effective way first we must find the definitive causes of the disease.

Symptoms of the disease

The main symptom, of course, is a noticeable increase in body weight and volume, causing considerable discomfort.

According to the WHO, if a person has body mass index greater than or equal to 30, then he/she may suffer from obesity. However, this indicator does not take into account characteristics of the body, therefore, it is impossible to determine the diagnosis on this basis alone. [4]

For more information on how to calculate body mass index, read the article:

But obesity is dangerous because it affects all organ systems of the body, and it becomes increasingly difficult for the body to cope with its everyday tasks. Therefore, the following symptoms often accompany obesity:

• shortness of breath;

• increase in blood pressure;

• joint pain;

• heartache;

• decreased libido;

• decreased performance, rapid fatigue.


If you notice these signs of illness, you should consult a physician. He/she will prescribe you examinations and consultations with other doctors such as an agastroenterologist, an endocrinologist and a psychologist.

Obesity Treatment: where to start

The main goal of treating obesity is to reduce your body weight. Depending on the severity of the disease, doctors can prescribe different methods – from diet to surgery. The comprehensive approach is the best way to fight obesity. An important part of the treatment is changing your behavior model. In order to achieve weight loss one needs to change the psychological mindset that provokes “emotional eating”. This will help consolidate the result and maintain a lower weight for a long time.

But first we must warn you against treating obesity on your own, since not only could it waste your time, but also harm your body. Initially, it’s worth  visiting a doctor to find out whether obesity is a symptom of another disease. If this is the case, you need to treat the cause, not the effect. But if the doctor has diagnosed you with obesity, you need to change your behavior model – this will help to solve the problem.

Diet and exercise

Diet and workouts (physical exercises) are the most popular methods of treatment. Usually treatment begins with changing your diet and then arranging workouts. As you remember, the main cause of obesity is the misbalance between the incoming and spent energy. If the calories obtained from food are not burned, the body accumulates them in the form of fat. In order to lose weight you need to induce a slight calorie deficit and for this physical activity is a necessity.

As for diet, in recent years doctors have been increasingly questioning this method of treating obesity. In their opinion, diet does not bring long-term results. A person may lose up to 10% of body weight, but more often than not the lost kilos return later. [5] In addition, an improperly selected diet can do even more harm to your health. Of course, adherence to the diet is necessary, but it will be beneficial only in combination with other methods. And, of course, only a doctor can advise on a diet that will provide the body with all the necessary nutrients.

Behavioral Psychology: 7Spsy method

You can’t expect fast results when applying traditional methods of treating obesity for they give only a short-term effect. The weight that was rapidly lost will also rapidly return. Usually this is due to the fact that the treatment is aimed only at eliminating the current problem. But an effective treatment for obesity is, essentially, a lifestyle change. This produces the best results and a guarantee that the disease will not return in the future.

Ultimately, the main cause of obesity is eating behavior. This is when a person eats much more than he or she needs and does not stop, even when feeling full. This means that it’s better to start treatment with the correction of such a behavior model.

This is what the   7Spsy technique is focused upon. The method is based on behavioral psychology, it is theoretically substantiated and has proven its effectiveness. The course program is designed for 2-6 weeks, depending on the features of the person’s condition. As a result, you will learn to enjoy small portions of food. You will have a healthy diet, gradually reducing your weight without strict limitations and exhausting workouts.


Physiotherapy can be applied during the treatment of obesity as an additional help, although it rarely leads to lasting results as an independent method. The goals of therapy are to improve the metabolism, increase the energy consumption of the body, activate redox processes in the tissues, and also help the body adapt to changes. Physiotherapy also helps to cope with the effects of obesity – for example, it looks at ways to strengthen the heart and blood vessels.

Patients are often prescribed various water procedures such as Charcot’s shower, contrast baths, baths with mineral water and the dousing with cold water. All of them help to remove harmful substances from the body, to tone up and to improve endurance from the cold. Various wipes and wraps have a similar effect. [6]

Natural home remedies treatment 

Home remedies can also be helpful when treating obesity, for example, herbal slimming teas or dietary supplements. But there are two important points to remember:

• firstly, these remedies are only supplementary, they only work in combination with other methods;

• secondly, you should consult your doctor before using any nutritional supplements.

Many doctors advise utilizing the sauna. This serves the same purpose as physiotherapy, but you need to be especially careful with this tool for major temperature fluctuations place a serious strain on the heart, and patients with obesity are already at risk. It is better to choose other medical procedures with a similar effect, so as not to jeopardize your health.

Surgical treatments for obesity

Such radical methods are usually used for patients who display the fourth degree of obesity. Usually these methods are aimed at reducing the volume of the stomach or at reducing the absorption of nutrients in the intestine.

But such well-known procedures as liposuction and abdominalplasty are not methods of treating the disease. These are intended for body sculpting and when it comes to health, such manipulations are useless, because real harm to the body is not caused by subcutaneous fat, but visceral fat – fat located around the internal organs.


And, of course, it is important to understand that surgical treatment is conducted according to strict indications only. Usually, such methods are used if the patient’s body mass index exceeds 40 points or if there are serious complications of the disease.

Obesity and pregnancy

This disease also affects pregnancy. This condition rarely proceeds without complications in obese patients. These complications may include severe toxicosis, diabetes, malfunctioning of the heart, prolonged pregnancy and weak delivery action. In addition, obesity can lead to problems in the development of the baby such as defects of the nervous system. [7]


Despite these risks obesity is not a contraindication to pregnancy. But when planning a conception you must definitely visit a doctor. It is important to consider a diet which ensures that all the necessary substances enter the body. Moderate physical activity is useful. Walking, for example, not only helps to fight excess weight, but also to saturate the body with oxygen and to improve the mood. Other simple exercises help to prepare the body for childbirth. Many clinics offer special courses for expectant mothers, where they will help you to choose the optimal physical exercises.

Obesity prevention

Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. And for the problem of obesity, the best way is to thoroughly check and revise your daily menu and start being more active during the daytime. It’s not necessary to do your best every day in the gym or become a vegetarian. But it is important to reduce the amount of sugar and saturated fat in your diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits and ensure that every day there are protein products on the table such as meat, cheese, cottage cheese – and complex carbohydrates, including cereals and whole grain bread. Make physical activity a pleasant part of everyday life – for example, walk more often, don’t use the elevator and start the day with a light workout. Train your body for just half an hour a day, and not only obesity, but also many other diseases will pass you by.


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