How does 7Spsy Technology works

7Spsy Behavior Modification Technology was created by the Institute of Distance Psychology in 2014. The technology based on the Pavlov’s classical conditioning procedure is effective in solving psychological problems of a person by changing his or her behavior patterns.  The exposure technique is focused on learning  the new types of behavior in a classical conditioning environment.

The 7Spsy Behavior Modification Technology can be used by every family for solving several psychological and social issues:

  • parenting and upbringing of children and adolescents — solving the issues of academic performance, self-doubts, problematic behavior, etc.;
  • self-development — how to become a stronger and more productive person, gain personal charisma, build harmonious relationships, etc.;
  • get rid of bad habits — alcohol abuse, overeating, internet or sex addiction, etc.;
  • correction of inappropriate patterns of behavior that cause psychosomatic diseases such as hypertension, stroke, arthrosis, allergies, etc.

Behavior Modification Program based on the 7Spsy technology

We offer an individual Behavior Modification Program to suit client’s needs.

Behavioral mechanisms of learning with an impact on 7 sensory perception channels are used to change patterns of behavior. This approach corresponds to Pavlov’s theory of conditioned reflexes and Skinner’s theory of behavioral psychotherapy with the addition of the latest research findings in behavioral therapy.

The process of psycho-correction with full involvement of the whole sensory perception system makes it possible to achieve changes in a person’s behavior in 2-6 weeks.

Duration of the program depends on the problem to be solved, the psychological characteristics of a client, and his or her current psychological state.

Main benefits of the Behavior Modification Program

  1. Quick Results It takes 70 days or more to solve the problem with traditional psychological counselling. The 7Spsy technology makes it possible to change client’s patterns of behavior and set a healthy scenario in 10 – 45 days.
  2. Anonymity There is no need to discuss personal life or intimate topics face-to-face with a psychologist. We use anonymous diagnostic testing to determine a person’s condition and identify a problem.
  3. Online environment A client practices the training program at any convenient time or place. The psychologist works with the client remotely: consults, guides, supports, helps to complete the course, and achieve the goals.
  4. No side effects The change of behavior occurs without painful feelings and suffering due to the giving up of bad habits. A person gradually and comfortably forms a new pattern of behavior, improving the quality of his life. The method refers to behavioral psychology, i.e. to the learning psychology and does not require taking medication.

7Spsy behavior modification technology patents

Information from this website cannot be used for self-therapy and self-diagnostics. 

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