An organization created to popularize methods of behavior modification in management, pedagogy, psychology and psychotherapy.


Association objectives:

  • to raise the professionalism of colleagues to a new level with the help of refresher courses and specialized retraining;
  • to unite specialists working with technologies for modifying the behavior of individuals and social groups from various fields: health care, sports, industry, education, politics, gerontology.

The association provides education in behavior modification that is consistent with the academic course at US universities.

In the 21st century, behavioral psychology and psychotherapy continues to develop and we, within the framework of the Association, are working to timely teach you new successful methods of working with a person and a social group.

Behavioral Psychology and Therapy Training Who Needs This Training

Message from the head of the association

Pavel Pavlovich Khoroshutin

Head of the Modality of Behavioral Psychotherapy in the APPL .

Author of international inventions in behavioral psychology and psychotherapy.

Dear Colleagues. Behavioral psychology and psychotherapy for over 100 years. During this time, she has earned respect throughout the world.
At the moment, she has many methods of psychological counseling and psychotherapy in her arsenal. From conservative behavioral analysis to the most liberal methods of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

Within our association, we adhere to conservative psychological methods based on the principles of classical and operant conditioning.

These methods have been proven to be highly effective for decades and have made behavioral psychology and therapy the most popular in the world today.

Welcome to our association!


Association for Behavioral Psychology and Therapy

Phone: 8 (383) 362 46 88 in Novosibirsk

Phone: 8 800 550 99 36 from other cities


Address: 630005, Novosibirsk, st. Frunze, 88; office 1203